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About Us


We will be teaching chinese freestyle kenpo, we will be haveing adult and children classes, with special programs inside the kids class, for our little ones
we will be haveing a LITTLE DRAGONS progam. This will be for ages 4-6. we also will be have haveing
BLACK BELT CLUB, SWAT TEAM, DEMO TEAM, AND MORE TO COME (There will be extra cost for the clubs and teams but they will be fair). we will also be doing a MERIT BADGE progam.

                  OUR HYSTORY
We will be a brand new school so this is they hystory of our teaching staff.
Paul Weatherman head instructor has been in martial arts for 25 years, holds belts in JUDO,AMAERICAN FREESTYLE KARATE,and 3rd degree black belt in KENPO.
He has also been asked to join the US NATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS TEAM.

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